Jeanine Weiss, founder and health coach at Mindful Health, is a Registered Nurse (University of Pennsylvania, 1998) and Certified Health Coach (National Society of Health Coaches, 2014) dedicated to helping individuals achieve their healthiest and most vibrant lives possible.

Founder:  Jeanine Weiss, Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach

 Jeanine Weiss, Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach

She believes that every person has the power to make and maintain the lifestyle choices necessary to be healthy and to feel good.  Sometimes, however, the path to success doesn’t seem very clear.

That is why Jeanine pursued a health-coaching career.  Through her experience as a cardiac (heart health) and physical rehabilitation nurse, and extensive personal/family experiences battling chronic disease, she has gained valuable insight into the power of motivation and attaining personal accountability for health and wellness.

Her coaching methods combine the medical knowledge of the nursing profession with the motivational and positive psychology techniques of coaching in order to provide each client with a personalized action plan for optimum health.

Jeanine’s areas of strength include:

  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control
  • Stress Reduction
  • Gut Health
  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
  • Sleep, Energy, and Fatigue Management
  • Mindful Living